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Track Car Building and Repair

Go Greased Lightening with our Track Car Building and Repair Service!

If you are looking for an expert service to help you build or repair track cars, then you've come to the right place. At European Auto Works, we understand how to modify your vehicle so that it is track worthy and race ready. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and service, which means that we will never skimp on the materials or elbow grease necessary to make your car as safe and functional as possible, both on the track and on the road. If you are in Canoga Park, CA, Woodland Hills, CA, Chatsworth, CA, Calabasas, CA, or surrounding areas, check us out today.

What is a Track Car  

A track car is a vehicle that has been modified to fit the standards and capabilities of race cars. The modifications are customized to the needs and desires of the customer, but depending on its modifications, it can be anything from a suped-up street car, to a strict racing vehicle. Most often, track cars end up falling somewhere in between, capable of serving both purposes safely.

European auto works track car

Why Modify?

Racing any car puts a lot of strain on in. Most racers choose to modify their cars to make them safer and more functional on the track. For those who don't race, they modify to change the aesthetic and/or make their car run faster, sleeker and smoother on the road. While modifications can be expensive, most tend to find them beneficial to the performance of their vehicle, provided that they practice proper vehicle maintenance and upkeep.

Thing to Keep in Mind:

  • Some vehicles ride better than others; we work on a lot of BMW's at European Auto Works, but Porche's, Mazda's and Audi's also carry some really great racing models.
  • If you ride your car hard, some of the heaviest strain will be felt by the brakes, suspension system, and tires. In order to practice good car maintenance and keep yourself safe, it's important to regularly maintain these systems, and replace these parts as needed. You do not want to be driving a faulty racing vehicle, especially at high speeds.
  • If you plan on racing NHRA racing, there are a regulations and standards that your vehicle must meet in order to be allowed to compete. Check out this site for more details: http://nhraracer.com

Check out our site for more information about available automotive services and shop for tires to find great brands like Hankook, Kumho, and Nexen.

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